DTS Power Club Fundamentals

DTS Power Club Fundamentals

taught by Ben McDonald
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Ben McDonald
Ben McDonald
Course Developer and Lead Instructor

About the instructor

Ben McDonald has been in the fitness industry for 12 years. He has an extensive and varied sporting background including fencing, board diving, and various forms of Mixed Martial Arts. Ben has competed in Cricket, Aikido, Boxing, and Rugby. Ben’s career highlights include training a wide array of people from beginners up to premiership footballers, national champions in boxing, and elite level athletes. Ben has taught for the largest health and fitness training provider in Europe and has been published in multiple UK based magazines. Ben has developed multiple qualifications, presented internationally, and is considered UK’s leading expert in PowerClub training. Awarded the 2013 recognition award for International Presenting and Work in the Health and Fitness Industry, it is evident that Ben’s passion and energy transfer directly to his students and his love for the industry is contagious. Ben’s core belief is that fitness should be inclusive not exclusive as there is no one way to do it.

DTS Power Club Fundamentals is a highly practical online course designed for both athletes and fitness professionals alike.

We will cover everything you need to learn and master the basic Power Club movements. Fitness professionals will find a wealth of resources and drills to effectively coach their clients and add new, interactive and physically demanding aspects to their sessions. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts will acquire solid skills to safely add Power Club training to their workouts.

The 3 major movements covered in this course are Swipe, Mill, and Reverse Mill. To ensure maximum skill development, each movements is broken down into specific drills and exercises. Following the DTS 7 Step System we will determine if Power Club training is appropriate for our client, look at ways to accelerate skill development and track progress. We will dive deeper and explore how breathing can be used to enhance performance and safety when training with Power Clubs. Common errors and solutions are also reviewed in depth.

This course takes a layered approach to learning using a mix of video, text and end of section quizzes. The major topics covered are:

  • Benefits of Power Club Training
  • Power Club Training Safety and Contraindications
  • The DTS 7 Step System [includes 5 specific assessments]
  • Club Specific Considerations [includes grip, breath, wrist mobility]
  • Order Position
  • Swipe [includes Outside Leg Swing and Sagittal Arm Cast]
  • Mill [includes Inside Frontal Pendulum to Order Catch and Helicopter to Palm]
  • Reverse Mill [includes Outside Frontal Pendulum to Order Catch and Palm to Reverse Helicopter]
Review the Course Curriculum below, browse our selection of complimentary course videos and Enroll when you’re ready to start learning.

Course Contents

45 Videos
3 Quizzes
37 Texts

Course Curriculum

Power Club Discount
Module 2 | Power Club Training Safety
Module 7 | Club Specific Considerations
Module 8 | The Tool School | Order Position