DTS Hypertrophy Fundamentals [Online]

DTS Hypertrophy Fundamentals

Learn the science of hypertrophy and acquire practical skills with this comprehensive online course | taught by Andrew Meyer
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Andrew Meyer
Andrew Meyer
Course Developer & Instructor

About the instructor

Andrew Meyer has been in the health and fitness industry for over a decade. A former varsity track athlete, he used his passion and experience to make a transition into Powerlifting and Bodybuilding.  

Andrew is a regular physique competitor and has worked with an array of physique athletes. His ability to bridge the theory and science of Hypertrophy with real-life applications is what makes Andrew a highly sought after Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach specializing in physique transformations. He believes that everyone can look, feel and live better in their body and encourages his clients to see themselves as an investment.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) from the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada) with a major in Applied Human Nutrition (AHN).

DTS Hypertrophy Fundamentals

This complete online course is designed to teach the physiological principles of muscle growth. Training for Hypertrophy is not a “one-size fits all.” The DTS Hypertrophy Fundamentals course goes in depth explaining the science behind muscle growth and the different avenues you can take to get there. We comb through multiple training methodologies and teach you how to start implementing them. This course gives you practical skills and maps out the exact action steps from periodization to nutritional advice.

Answer Every Question With One Course

  • How a muscle cell adapts to different forms of stimulation
  • What training variables to use to trigger different forms of cell adaptation
  • How to properly select and periodize training methods
  • What to eat to support continual growth

Earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

  • Earn 4 PTS, 4 HWL, 4 FIS Canfitpro CECs when you successfully complete this course and receive your completion certificate.

Our Promise

We know that learning is a commitment and we greatly appreciate your trust in the educational materials we produce. We believe it is the practical application of knowledge that makes it so powerful. Our courses are designed to go beyond theory, to coach real-world fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts how to most effectively implement the material they learn. As a company, we are committed to providing high quality, practical education. 

We guarantee it. Fully complete DTS Hypertrophy Fundamentals in 30 days and if you are not happy with what you learned, we will give you every penny back.

Course Contents

80 Videos
59 Quizzes
4 Texts
6 PDFs
7.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

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