DTS Conditioning Coach Certification

DTS Conditioning Coach Certification

Created in consultation with several subject manner experts | taught by DTS Fitness Education
  • 116 Videos
  • 30 Quizzes
  • 2 Multimedia
  • 8 Texts
  • 2 PDFs
  • 1 Audio
  • 8.0 hrs

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Course description

The DTS Conditioning Coach was designed using physiological principles and practical coaching methodology to help serious fitness professionals reach the top of their field. Whether you call it Metabolic Conditioning, Cardio or Energy Systems Training, most Personal Trainers and Coaches struggle to assemble all the pieces together and creating effective scientific conditioning programs. This course goes in depth explaining performance physiology, how to assess it and how to get your clients performing at their best results. The DTS Conditioning Coach was created in consultation with several subject manner experts in order to give you the most updated material and cutting edge learning experience.

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DTS Fitness Education
DTS Fitness Education
Course Developer & Facilitator

At the core of everything we do is a belief that knowledge is only powerful when applied. In times of overabundance of information in an industry filled with “gurus” and “experts”, DTS Fitness Education stands apart. We measure our success by our students’ ability to confidently apply what they learned in class to improve their clients’ results. We take pride in delivering an extraordinary, practical learning experience coupled with a systematic approach to teaching.

Kevin Darby is the founder and CEO of DTS Fitness Education and co-owner of Stretch to Win Canada. Kevin has been involved in structured physical conditioning programs for over 25 years. He was a multi-sport athlete and represented Canada internationally as a member of the Canadian Military Pentathlon Team. Kevin has had a long and successful career as a leader in the fitness industry and has been a head coach, personal trainer, wellness team leader for a 7500+ member police service and has developed multiple successful education programs. Kevin has worked with general population clients, amateur, Olympic and professional athletes in major sports leagues across North America. He holds a B.Ed. degree, was a member of an award-winning research team lead by Dr. Stuart McGill and was the CanfitPro World Fitness Expo Canadian Fitness Presenter of the year in 2014. Kevin’s core belief is knowledge is not power, it is the ability to apply knowledge that makes it powerful.

Andrew Meyer has been active in the fitness industry for over 12 years. He put himself through University, BSc. Human Nutrition, working as a personal trainer. Andrew's experience as a varsity track athlete fed his desire to compete and branched his transition into other competitive sports such as Powerlifting and Bodybuilding. He is a training fanatic and enjoys tracking and manipulating different training variables. Andrew started a rewarding online fitness business in 2014 that focused on digital products and online coaching where he worked with an array of different clients, specializing in physique transformations. He believes that everyone can look, feel and live better in their body as long as they see themselves as an investment.

Ben McDonald has been in the fitness industry for 12 years. He has an extensive and varied sporting background including fencing, board diving, and various forms of Mixed Martial Arts. Ben has competed in Cricket, Aikido, Boxing, and Rugby. Ben’s career highlights include training a wide array of people from beginners up to premiership footballers, national champions in boxing, and elite level athletes. Ben has taught for the largest health and fitness training provider in Europe and has been published in multiple many UK based magazines. Ben has developed multiple qualifications, presented internationally, and is considered UK’s leading expert in PowerClub training. Awarded the 2013 recognition award for International Presenting and Work in the Health and Fitness Industry, it is evident that Ben’s passion and energy transfer directly to his students and his love for the industry is contagious. Ben’s core belief is that fitness should be inclusive, not exclusive as there is no one way to do it.

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