DTS Kettlebells Fundamentals Complete Bundle

DTS Kettlebells Fundamentals Complete Bundle

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DTS Kettlebells Fundamentals Complete Bundle includes:

About DTS Kettlebell Fundamentals [Online]

This comprehensive online course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of the Hardstyle Kettlebell technique, exercises, and drills. It is built on the experience of teaching thousands of students in hundreds of live DTS Fitness Education kettlebell courses.

A kettlebell is an effective tool in every athlete's, personal trainer's, or coach's toolbox, yet it involves a steep learning curve. DTS Kettlebell Fundamentals ensures that your learning phase is both short and effective. We cover in complete detail the big three foundational kettlebell movements: the Swing (2 variations), the Squat (3 variations), and the Get-Up. These are the foundation of your advanced kettlebell skills such as the Clean and the Snatch.

This course gives you practical skills and maps out the exact action steps from bracing techniques to complete movements and every drill and skill exercise in between.

By bundling this course with the available add-ons, you not only save money but time as well! Each add-on gives you "done-for-you" content designed to save you time. 

Our 30-Day Guarantee

We proudly commit to not just teach, but to coach real-world trainers how to effectively implement everything that they learn. Now you tell us...was it worth it? If yes, you earn another notch on the continuing education belt. If no, and you completed the course in its entirety, we will give you a full refund.

That’s our promise. Work with DTS for 30 days and if you’re not happy with what you learn after you complete the course, we’ll give you every penny back. 

*Please note that no refunds are offered on digital download products. When a course is bundled with downloadable digital add-ons, a refund is only provided on the value of the course.

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